Nearby Attractions

Experience beautiful moments at these local attractions in Cameron Highland.
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Golden Hills Night Market

Who doesn’t love cheap and delicious street food, right? Variety of local dishes, souvenirs, and clothes sell by hawkers.

200 Seeds Café
(Abang Strawberry)

Most of the menu served here are based of Cameron Highlands strawberries such as their famous Nasi Lemak Strawberry, Strawberry Tea, and Strawberry Sundae. There is also a strawberry farm where you can pick your own strawberries.
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Cactus Valley

Featuring many different types of cacti, this is a place for plant lovers! A lovely place to take nice photos and you can also buy the cactus as souvenirs.

Sam Poh Temple

Known as the 4th biggest Buddhist temple in Malaysia, this temple features numerous statues of Buddhist deities including a large temple of Lord Buddha. You get a nice view from on top of Brinchang too.

Cameron Centrum

A shopping mall at the center of Brinchang which has been a new attraction for tourists. There is Starbucks, Baskin Robins, Guardian, supermarket Billion and more.

Time Tunnel Museum

Take a trip back in time when you visit this Time Tunnel Museum that was opened in 2007 by See Kok Shan who loves to collect vintage items from the ‘60s and ‘90s era.

MARDI Agro Technology Park

It is not just a regular garden or park in Cameron, it serves as a research and information center too. With over 40 species of roses, 10 types of strawberries, 100 different citrus fruits, and more.

KEA Farm Market

Looking for strawberries, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, or vegetables to bring back? This is the place to look for. All fresh from Cameron Highlands’ farm.
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Sheep Sanctuary

Surrounded by fluffy sheep sounds like a dream and that dream can come true when you visit the sheep here that are imported from Australia. As low as RM8 you can meet and feed cute sheep.

Butterfly Farm

Besides butterfly being the main attraction at this farm, it also served as a mini zoo for other animals such as geese, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, and more.

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